Share phone memory
Distribute Content as you move
Get compensated
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Energy consumption

Energy consumption kept to a minimum

Our sophisticated D2D connectivity module guarantees that you won’t spend more than 10% per 12hrs of participating in the system.


No privacy or DRM violations

All content is encrypted and you can only watch content you are entitled to, i.e., based on subscription and DRM policies. Transfers happen between anonymised node IDs - we don’t care who you transferred content to, only how many transfers you did.


Watch video of your choice for free

As well as distributing video content further, you can watch it wherever you are (subject to DRM policies), even if connectivity is not available, without consuming your mobile data.

Why do all that?

Let's calculate:

I want to watch minutes video.

  • Cost of streaming over the cell network:$10.00
  • Cost of downloading from DataHop network:$0.00
  • By distributing to DataHop nodes, you can earn up to:$20.00


Our whitepaper contains all the necessary technical details on the design and implementation of the individual DataHop parts.

Coming Soon.

Read the whitepaper