Let’s democratise
content distribution.


A decentralised, user-operated content distribution network leveraging the power of users’ mobile devices and device to device connectivity.

What is DataHop?

A Bleeding Edge CDN

DataHop is a decentralised content distribution network that operates at the network edge.

DataHop bypasses the network core and utilises user smartphone and WiFi access point devices to distribute heavy content at the edge of the network - where users actually need it.

A Smart Connectivity Solution

DataHop utilises direct Device to Device (D2D) connectivity between smartphones themselves as well as between Devices and WiFi Access Points to prefetch video content to users’ devices.

Our smart connectivity solution, which is based on Bluetooth and WiFi Direct, guarantees seamless and privacy-preserving D2D communication between users in the vicinity.

A Way to Reduce Costs

DataHop reduces cellular traffic for the mobile network operator, streaming cost for the end-user and distribution cost for the content provider. By utilising users’ devices, DataHop does not need to maintain expensive CDN infrastructure.

Instead, building on blockchain technology and novel Proof-of-X consensus algorithms, DataHop rewards users for their contribution to the content delivery network.